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Eid festival for a prostitute!

Bd24live.com: How did you spend Ramadan and Eid?

Mariam( not real name): Ramdan and Eid festival are not for us. Are we human being? We are prostitute. Who will look after us?

Bd24live.com: How were you involved in this bad profession?

Mariam: Nobody comes to this place willingly. The man who I was married with brought me to Dhaka and he hid himself leaving me alone in a big city like Dhaka. My aunt took me to this brothel.

Bd24live.com: Didn’t you wish to go to your family?

Mariam: My family knows that I died. I did not communicate with my family any more. What will be the benefit if I communicate with my family? How can I show my face to them? Will I kill my old aged father? If he knows that I am a prostitute and he will obviously die in the spot.

Bd24live.com: Don’t you wish to have time with Eid festival? How much do you earn from this profession every day?

Mariam: Eid is not for us. You should not know how much I earn each day. I won’t tell you anymore. Many clients come to me for enjoying.

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