Bangla Online News Portal Tue, 06 Dec 2022 16:58:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 32 32 Quader urges AL men to remain alert against anarchy centering Dec 10 Tue, 06 Dec 2022 16:58:48 +0000 Awami League general secretary and road transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader today urged party’s leaders, workers and supporters to remain alert so that BNP-Jamaat cannot create anarchy in the name of its rally on December 10.

“Life and property will have to be saved from arson attackers . . . BNP-Jamaat is the patron of militancy and communalism. All areas, including each ward, union, upazila and district will have to be brought under strict vigilance from tomorrow,” he said while speaking at the 30th council of Bangladesh Chhatra League at Suhrawardi Uddayan.

Awami League President and Prime minister Sheikh Hasina joined the event as the chief guest. BCL President Al Nahian Khan Joy presided over the council while general secretary Lekhak Bhattacharjey conducted it.

Quader in his speech said there will be a game against BNP, fake voters’ list and violence of fire in this month and asked BCL leader-activists to get ready for it.

He said, “Those who could not wage movement for 13 minutes in the last 13 years, how would they oust the government?” BNP calls it a grand rally but in reality, it turns into a simple gathering, he said, adding that but when Awami League calls a rally, it turns into a mammoth gathering of people in reality.

About his involvement with BCL, the student wing of ruling Awami League, Quader said, “BCL is our first love . . . BCL is our love of green juvenile time.” ‘Smart Bangladesh’ is the new pledge of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina . . . politicians think about next elections while Sheikh Hasina thinks about the next generation,” he added.

Mentioning the brutal killing of Bangabandhu and most of his family members on August 15, 1975, he said they (BNP) must reply who sent the killers abroad to save them. The mastermind of 21st August grenade attack was Tarique Rahman, the aim of this heinous attack was to kill Sheikh Hasina, he said.

Highly appreciating the leadership role of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Quader said she always thinks about the welfare of the country and its people. “She is our crisis manager . . . the Prime Minister is on right path. Country’s progress and development is highly acclaimed globally,” he said.

PM to address public rally in Cox’s Bazar tomorrow Tue, 06 Dec 2022 16:55:54 +0000 Enthusiasm is prevailing among the people here as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will address a public rally at the local Sheikh Kamal Cricket Stadium tomorrow after a span of five years.

Marking the visit of the premier, the tourist town of Cox’s Bazar, known for having the world’s largest unbroken sandy sea beach, has taken a festive look and people from all walks as well as leaders and activists of Awami League (AL) have become enthusiastic.

Already the whole town has become a colourful place to welcome the AL chief amid festivity and zeal .

Local AL leaders said that normally people come to Cox’s Bazar for tourism, but on Wednesday they will come here from different parts of the district to see the AL chief and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and listen to her .

Talking to the media, AL organising secretary Abu Saeed Al Mahmud Swapan, who is in-charge for Chattogram division, said that there is no need to bring people from out of the Cox’s Bazar district, rather people in the district are more than enough to turn the city into a human sea.

He said that people are ready to receive their dear leader as the city saw enormous development activities in the last 14 years.

“The town will turn into a vast human sea tomorrow, Inshallah,” he added.

Echoing Abu Saeed Al Mahmud Swapan, AL religious affairs secretary Advocate Sirajul Mostafa said that the district witnessed Taka 3.50 lakh crore development projects in the last 14 years.

“We don’t want anything more, if needed our leader (Sheikh Hasina) will give us definitely,” he added.

District AL president Advocate Faridul Islam Chowdhury said people are eager to see and get directives from the Prime Minister and the AL leader.

AL leaders said that the Prime Minister’s last visit to Cox’s Bazar was on May 6 in 2017 when she announced to build Cox’s Bazar as Switzerland of the East.

In line with that announcement, 77 development projects, including 40 mega projects involving Taka 3.50 lakh crore, are underway here, they said, adding the people of the district have already started getting the benefits from the massive development scheme.

Leaders and activists of AL and its associate bodies are in the final stage of preparation and carrying out announcing and campaigning on the occasion of public meeting of the Prime Minister.

Colourful arches and gates have been erected on various roads of the town with the posters and banners of Prime Minister.

Leaders have hung billboards, banners, balloons, festoons and posters welcoming the Prime Minister who is party chief in different parts of the district.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will arrive in Cox’s Bazar tomorrow morning on a day-long visit to attend a number of programmes.

During the visit, the Prime Minister will attend the four-day International Fleet Review-2022.

In the afternoon, the Awami League president will address the public rally.

Local administration has taken necessary measures on the occasion of the Prime Minister’s visit and the public rally.

PM asks BCL to give befitting reply to anti-AL propaganda Tue, 06 Dec 2022 16:10:31 +0000 Prime Minister and Awami League (AL) President Sheikh Hasina today asked Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) leaders and activists to give befitting reply to propaganda against AL on social media.

“I ask BCL leaders and activists to give appropriate reply to propaganda against us on the social media using the advantage of digital Bangladesh,” she said.

The prime minister also urged the countrymen not to pay heed to any rumour over liquidity as every bank has enough money.

She was addressing as the chief guest the 30th national council of the BCL, the student wing of the ruling AL, at the historic Suhrawardy Udyan, here.

The premier suggested providing information online regarding their (BNP-Jamaat alliance) misdeeds such as arson terrorism, killing of innocent people, corruption and vote rigging during their tenure as a reply of the propaganda.

“It will be enough to stop their propaganda against us and Bangladesh Chhatra League will be able to do it,” she opined.

Sheikh Hasina reiterated her call to the countrymen not to pay heed to the rumour that the banks have no money.

“We have no problem by the blessing of Allah. Each of the banks has money. So, I request all not to pay heed to any rumour,” she said, referring to her talks with the finance minister, finance secretary and Bangladesh Bank governor in the last two days.

She said there is a syndicate who are out to mislead the people by spreading falsehood, adding, “I know they will definitely do it (spread rumour) as they are competent to tell lies.”

She described the BCL men as the “sonar manush (golden sons) and soldiers” of building Bangladesh as a developed and prosperous country by 2041.

The AL president asked them to prepare themselves as competent by studying attentively particularly on science and technology as they can run the state successfully and compete with the fourth industrial revolution.

The prime minister reminded the BCL leaders and workers about the AL student wing’s contribution to the progressive movements of Bangladesh, saying that the history of the Chhatra League is the history of Bangladesh.

She said the BCL played significant role in each progressive movement such as language movement in 1952, six-point demand in 1966, mass-upsurge in 1969 and Liberation War to dislodge Ershad and Khaleda Zia’s government.

She also said the BCL is at the top of the list of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the noble cause of saving the country.

“So, I hope the Chhatra League will contribute immensely to the development of the country,” she added.

In this connection, she said Khaleda Zia gave arms to the students to give the Awami League a good lesson, on the contrary, she gave them books and pens to pay attention to study which is required for building the country.

Sheikh Hasina said after taking the state power violating the country’s constitution and army rules, military dictator Ziaur Rahman had disappeared many BCL leaders and activists including Mofiz and Babu.

Zia also killed many military officials, whose bodies have yet been got by their relatives and carried out inhuman tortures on hundreds of the AL leaders and activists, she said.

Likewise, Ziaur Rahman, her wife Khaleda Zia and Ershad did the same, she also said.

Referring to the various incidents in the dormitories of Dhaka University, Rajshahi University and other public universities, she said BNP was out to torture and kill BCL men to destroy the environment of education.

They (BNP) even killed two teachers of the Rajshahi University, she added.

The prime minister earlier inaugurated the BCL council by hoisting the national flag and releasing pigeons and balloons.

She opened the BCL website and BCL Community App at the function.

Road Transport and Bridges Minister and General Secretary of the AL Obaidul Quader addressed the function as the special guest with BCL President Al Nahian Khan Joy in the chair.

BCL General Secretary Lekhak Bhattacharjee and Office Secretary Indraneel Deb Sharma Roni respectively placed the organisational report and condolence motion over the deaths of its former leaders at the council.

A one minute silence was observed to show respect to the former BCL leaders who have died.

The last BCL council was held in May, 2018.

Sheikh Hasina blasted some intellectuals describing them as “intellectually disabled persons” and said they wanted to dislodge the Awami League government in the name of so-called caretaker government being united with the killers, money launders, grenade attackers, arms traffickers and corrupts, pointing at Khaleda Zia and her son Tarique Zia.

The Prime Minister questioned what their problem was with the Awami League when the party is taking every step for the welfare of the country and its people.

“After killing the Father of the Nation, they had said that democracy returned. Is it called democracy to keep captive the democracy in the cantonment after issuing Martial Law Ordinance? Whether announcing curfew every night (after killing Bangabandhu) is public democracy or curfew democracy. Ask the BNP leaders whether that was democracy or curfew democracy,” she added.

She said many intellectuals of the country had echoed the voice of Ziaur Rahman at that time.

The Prime Minister said then BNP government during their 2001 to 2006 period had forced to declare emergency in the country through patronising militancy, terrorism and corruption and made Bangladesh champion in corruption for five consecutive terms.

Sheikh Hasina said the Awami League is the only party in Bangladesh’s history which handed over power peacefully upon completion of its five-year tenure in 2001.

“Awami League had handed over power peacefully (in 2001) as it believes in democracy and the power of the people,” she said.

But, what Khaleda Zia did after completion of their first term in government in 1996, she questioned and said Khaleda Zia captured power after snatching the voting rights of the people by appointing army through February 15, 1996 farcical election.

She took Bangabandhu’s killer Abdur Rashid to the parliament through the election in which no political party had participated for which Khaleda Zia was forced to quit power, she said.

“BNP leaders should keep in mind that the people will not spare if their voting rights are snatched and they know how to dislodge that government,” she said.

The Prime Minister said a false allegation was brought against the Awami League that it steals votes, adding, “Why should we steal votes when people are voting for us spontaneously.”

About the national election of 2018, she said BNP had given nominations to at least three persons against as money was taken by their leaders Mirza Fakhrul, Rizvi and Tarique Zia who is staying in London.

Failing to pick correct candidates, they later boycotted the election and said they were not allowed to continue in polls, she said.

The Prime Minister said two BNP leaders Enam Chowdhury and Morshed Khan came to her and told her that Tarique Zia had demanded a huge amount of money for giving the nominations.

As they failed to give the money, she said Tarique Rahman cancelled their nominations and gave those to others in exchange for money.

“This was BNP’s 2018 election history. Intellectuals of our country have forgotten to write that it is impossible to win elections in such a way,” she said.

She said Ziaur Rahman introduced the culture of vote rigging in the country by holding the farcical yes/no vote and presidential election in 1977 and parliamentary election in 1978.

The BNP gave nothing to the people after assuming power through farcical elections while the Awami League does development of the country and its people as they were voted to power by the masses again and again.

She said Bangladesh has got recognition as a developing country as the Awami League government is in power from 2009 till the date.

The Prime Minister said her government has been working to make the country developed and prosperous by 2041.

Zia was mastermind of Aug 15, Nov 3 carnages: Quader Mon, 05 Dec 2022 16:43:00 +0000 BNP founder military dictator Ziaur Rahman was mastermind of the world’s most brutal carnage of August 15, 1975 and killings of four national leaders inside Dhaka jail on November 3 in 1975, said Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader.

“The massacres were carried out to make the Awami League leaderless. If Bangabandhu’s daughters Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana stayed in the country on August 15, they were also killed,” he said.

He added: “Women and pregnant woman and children were killed in the August 15 carnage. No such incident happened in the world’s history.”

Quader, also road transport and bridges minister, was addressing the triennial conference of Noakhali district unit of AL at Shaheed Bhulu Stadium here.

AL joint general secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif addressed the function as the main speaker while Organising Secretary Abu Sayeed Al Mahmud Swapan, Science and Technology Affairs Secretary Engineer Abdus Sabur, Agriculture and Cooperatives Secretary Faridunnahar Laily and Relief and Social Welfare Secretary Sujit Roy Nandi addressed it as special guests.

Noakhali district AL convener Principal AHM Khairul Anam Chowdhury Selim chaired the function moderated by joint convener and Noakhali municipality mayor Sahid Ullah Khan Sohel.

Quader called upon the leaders and workers to refrain from any kind of wrangling and forge unity among all to make the party stronger.

He said game will be played during this December, the month of victory, against corruption and misrule of ‘Hawa Bhaban’.

Pointing to BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, he said: “Mirza Fakhrul doesn’t like the slogan ‘Khela Hobe’ (game will be played). Some other leaders of BNP also don’t like it. But people like the slogan and I will continue chanting the slogan.”

Noting BNP’s announcement of occupying streets and Dhaka city on December 10 next, he said AL leaders and workers will remain vigilant at cities, districts, upazilas, unions, wards, alleys and villages.

BNP torched BRTC bus and set fire on a foundation stone of a structure which was laid by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Dhaka-Sylhet highway, he mentioned.

Quader said BNP activists will come to Dhaka with sticks and flammable materials and that is why they want to hold rally at their party office instead of Suhrawardy Udyan.

On the occasion, the AL general secretary dissolved the convening committee of Noakhali district unit and announced AHM Khairul Anam Chowdhury Selim as president of the committee.

Rest of posts will be announced through voting by councilors or holding discussion on December 17 next.

Zilla Parishad newly elected chairman Abdul Wadud Pintu read the death reference in the council while district unit of AL joint convener Advocate Shihab Uddin Shahin presented the organizational report.

Noakhali lawmakers Ekramul Karim Chowdhury, Morshed Alam, HM Ibrahim, Mamunur Rashid Kiron, Ayesha Ferdaus and Farida Khanam Saki addressed it among others.

Don’t be misled by rumour: PM urges countrymen Mon, 05 Dec 2022 16:30:42 +0000 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today urged the countrymen not to pay heed to any propaganda over foreign reserve and bank liquidity as Bangladesh is economically stable despite many developed countries face economic crisis for the Covid-19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war.

“Inflation has increased globally. Many developed countries are at stake economically and facing trouble—their reserve is declining. But, we can say that we have been able to keep Bangladesh in a stable condition,” she said.

The prime minister was addressing a graduation ceremony of the National Defence Course-2022 and Armed Forces War Course-2022 at Sheikh Hasina Complex of Defense Services Command and Staff College (DSCSC) in Mirpur Cantonment in the capital.

Pointing at rumour on foreign currency reserve and liquidity in banks, she said, “Some words will be spread rapidly and you (people) might be misled. But, I will say there is nothing to be misled.”

She said the reserve was only 2.5 billion USD while Awami League assumed power for the first time in 1996 as it was only 5 billion USD when her party came to the power for the second time in 2001.

The reserve increased to 48 billion USD from the 5 billion USD during the tenure of the present government as everything including import was almost stopped during the Covid-19 period, she said.

The premier said her government has taken every possible measure including purchasing Covid-19 vaccines, giving stimulus packages to industries and business establishments, reaching cash to every person up to grassroots level to protect Bangladesh economy and its people from the wrath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

She said they have purchased the Covid-19 vaccines with giving Tk 12,000 crore in advance while developing of vaccine was on research stage, adding that if the research failed, Bangladesh would have to lose the money.

Bangladesh has administered the Covid-19 vaccines to its people free of cost despite the fact that no rich or developed country did it, she said.

She also said her government did not show any stinginess in spending money to protect Bangladesh and its people, urging people to show austerity in using electricity, gas and water.

She reiterated her call to bring all lands under cultivation so Bangladesh never falls in food crisis as the world is approaching towards serious food problem.

The prime minister said her government attached priority to ensure overall socio-economic advancement of Bangladesh with increasing employments and education rate and giving houses to homeless and landless and thus decreasing poverty.

She said Bangladesh has got recognition as a developing nation for measures taken by the government to reach benefit of socio-economic advancement to the grassroots.

“It has been possible to get the status of a developing nation as the democratic process continues,” she said.

But, it is unfortunate that many people don’t like Bangladesh to march ahead towards economic prosperity peacefully, she said, referring to construction of the Padma Bridge, metro rail, Karnaphuli tunnel and other development projects.

The prime minister said her government has been able to reach the economic growth to 8 percent as the 9 percent economic growth was achieved during the government of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Bangabandhu government had achieved 9 percent economic growth within a very short period despite he had to rebuild the war-ravaged country, she said, adding that if Bangabandhu had been alive, Bangladesh could be developed country in 10 years after the independence.

Following the footprints of Bangabandhu, the prime minister said her government has taken various measures to transform Bangladesh into a developed and prosperous country by 2041.

To materialise the Vision-2041, her government is implementing the 20-year long perspective plan 2021-2041, she said, adding that they also started implementing the Delta Plan-2100 to ensure Bangladesh’s undisrupted development in the next 100 years.

“Bangladesh is a climate vulnerable country. So, we have taken the Delta Plan-2100 to continue Bangladesh’s development spree in the next 100 years. It may require to be made time-befitting, correction, and addition over times. But, Bangladesh will never falls behind if the plan is implemented successfully,” she hoped.

The prime minister said her government is working to transform the armed forces into modern with state-of-the-art equipment and knowledge following the Forces Goal-2030 which was formulated in line with the Defence Policy-1974 by the Father of the Nation.

She said her government also formulated National Defence Policy-2018. The premier greeted the armed forces personnel as they always stand by the people in any disaster.

“In any disaster, armed forces personnel always stand beside the people and thus they have achieved confidence and trust of the masses,” she said.

The armed forces personnel not only attained honour from the country but also from abroad as they are working with utmost efficiency and professionalism in the UN peacekeeping missions, she said.

“Especially the female armed forces and police personnel are getting huge admiration due to their role in the UN peacekeeping missions,” she said.

The prime minister said Bangladesh prioritises solving any problem with any country through discussion and maintains friendly relations following its foreign policy “Friendship to all, malice to none” given by the Father of the Nation.

She said they have resolved enclave issue with India by implementing the Land Boundary Agreement while establishing rights in a vast sea area and on its resources through winning legal battle with two friendly countries, India and Myanmar maintaining friendly relations.

“We don’t want war, we want peace as we know the brutality of war,” she reiterated.

She greeted all the graduates and called upon the foreign military officials to work as ambassador of Bangladesh after going to their country and elsewhere across the globe.

The prime minister later attended the 19th joint meeting of the governing body of the National Defense College (NDC) and Defense Services Command and Staff College (DSCSC) held at Sheikh Hasina Complex, DSCSC in Mirpur Cantonment.

Sheikh Hasina, chairperson of the NDC and DSCSC, presided over the meeting.

Mehidy blitz snatches victory for Tigers from jaws of defeat Sun, 04 Dec 2022 17:24:39 +0000 Mehidy Hasan Miraz helped Bangladesh snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat by holding his nerve unbelievably as the Tigers secure a thrilling one-wicket victory against India in the first ODI at Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium here today.

With just one wicket at hand and 51 runs needing for an unlikely win, he struck a brilliant 39-ball 38 not out with four fours and two sixes and with the help of No. 11 batter Mustafizur Rahman guided Bangladesh home unbelievably.

Mustafizur also overcame a nervy moment to remain unbeaten on 10 as Bangladesh reached the winning target of 187-9 in 46 overs.

It was Bangladesh’s second 50 plus runs partnership for the 10th wicket but the first one that earned a victory.

Mehidy, however, survived on 15 when wicket-keeper KL Rahul put down an easy catch as Bangladesh was still 32 runs away from the victory. That miss eventually proved costly for India as Bangladesh took 1-0 lead in the three-match series.

Mehidy’s match-winning knock from the jaws of defeat put a shed on Shakib Al Hasan’s tremendous bowling performance. The left-arm spinner was key in bowling India out for 186 in 41.2 overs, claiming 5-36.

But with limited total on board, India hit back into the match, thanks to a disciplined bowling of their bowlers.

Fast bowler Deepak Chahar gave the side a breakthrough in the first ball, dismissing opener Najmul Hossain Shanto for duck.

Skipper Liton Das and Anamul Haque Bijoy appeared to recover before another pacer Mohammed Siraj got into act by removing the latter for 14. Offspinner Washington Sundar, 2-17, pegged back Bangladesh further, getting rid of Liton after he scored team’s highest 41 and Shakib (29).

Siraj (3-32) and debutant Kuldeep Sen (2-37) then ripped through Bangladesh’s middle order in gem of pace bowling. Another pacer Shardul Thakur played a key role in slowing down Bangladesh, returning figures of 1-21.

However Mehidy came up with stubborn resistance as India sniffed a victory. He showed a never-say-die attitude when even a die-hard fan of Bangladesh gave the hopes of a victory.

After surviving on 15, he launched spectacular attack on Kuldeep, hitting him two sixes in the space of three balls to reverse the pressure on India. The he came hard on Chahar and scored 15 runs from his over including three fours to edge Bangladesh closer. India lost the momentum as Mehidy confirmed the side’s victory, driving Chahar through cover for a single.

Earlier, pace bowler Ebadot Hossain complemented Shakib’s 5-36 with his career-best 4-47, extending the agony of Indian batters who looked out of sort and jaded against the ruthless approach of Bangladeshi bowlers.

KL Rahul fought hard and was instrumental in helping the side propel past at least 150-run mark with his 70 balll-73, studded with five fours and four sixes. Rahul’s knock proved the wicket was not entirely unforgiving but the Indian batters found it tough to negotiate Shakib Al Hasan who was almost unplayable in his first spell.

After being sent to bat first, India openers Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan looked shaky against spinner Mehidy Hasan Miraj who broke through with the wicket of Dhawan (7).

Celebrated pair Rohit and Virat Kohli then saw off the first powerplay without any fuss after which Shakib was introduced.

And the left-arm spinner got immediate success. In his first delivery, he undid Rohit with an unplayable arm-ball that rattled the stump as Rohit was out for 27.

In the fourth ball, Shakib got the prized scalp of Virat Kohli who looked at his sublime touch. But the credit should go to skipper Liton Das who pulled off a stunner to remove Kohli for 9.

With 49-3, India was on back foot but in form Shreyas Iyer and Rahul gave them a hope to hit back.

Ebadot Hossain has the other plan. His strategy to undo India with a barrage of short balls finally worked when Iyer top-edged to be out of 24, ending a 44-run partnership with Rahul.

India’s innings after that could never gain the momentum as Shakib and Ebadot continued their good work to force India loss wickets at regular interval.

Rahul though played exceptionally well and gave India glimmer of hope to go past 200 but that was not to be as he was also victimized by a vicious short ball of Ebadot to be out as ninth batter.

Before that Shakib took the wicket of Shardul Thakur to complete his fourth five-for in ODI cricket.

Govt collecting modern, time-befitting war weapons for armed forces: PM Sun, 04 Dec 2022 17:22:23 +0000 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said her government is collecting ultra-modern and time-befitting war weapons to build the professional and powerful armed forces.

“We’re collecting ultra-modern and time-befitting war weapons for each force—We’re working to build the armed forces as professional and powerful as envisioned by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,” she said

The prime minister was addressing a ceremony as the chief guest at the parade ground of Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA), Bhatiary, Chattogram marking the President Parade-2022 of the passing out cadets of the 83rd BMA Long Course.

She said her government is implementing the Forces Goal-2030 formulated in line with the Defence Policy-1974 by the Father of the Nation to build a time-befitting technology knowledge based military force.

To make the defence system more strengthened, she said her government has established three infantry divisions, three brigades and 58 small and large units across the country and set up Sheikh Russel Cantonment at Jazira while works are on to build cantonments in Mitamine, Rajbari and Trishal.

The prime minister reiterated that her government is pursuing establishment of peace across the globe, saying, “We want peace, not war. The Father of the Nation formulated the policy “Friendship to all, malice to none” and we’re following it appropriately.”

She asked the new army officer cadets to serve the country and uphold the spirit of the War of Liberation being imbued with patriotism.

Referring to Bangabandhu’s speech at the concluding ceremony of first batch’s training at the BMA on January 11, 1975, Sheikh Hasina called upon the young military officers to develop them as professionally competent, morally motivated and patriotic.

She extended her best wishes and greetings to all the new officers and said by taking oath today they (fresh cadets) are entrusted with serving the country and its people.

Mentioning that Bangladesh army has been able to earn the acclamation of all quarters through their efficiency and professionalism in discharging duties at home and abroad, she urged the new cadets to uphold the dignity.

The prime minister said her government has been able to transform Bangladesh into a developing nation by implanting the Vision-2021 and is now pursuing materialisation of the Vision-2041 to build Bangladesh as a prosperous and developed country by 2041.

“We will build Bangladesh as a developed and prosperous country by 2041 and the new officers will be the soldiers of 2041 who will transform Bangladesh into a developed and prosperous country within the timeframe,” she said.

Assuming power after 21 years in 1996, she said that the Awami League government adopted the development and modernisation plan for the Armed Forces.

She said they have established National Defense College and Military Institute of Science and Technology in 1998 while Bangladesh Institute of Peace Support Operations Training and Armed Forces Medical College in 1999.

In addition, she said they’ve established Bangladesh Peace Building Center in 2016 and formulated ‘National Defence Policy, 2018.

The prime minister said her government is working to turn Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA) into a state-of-the-art organisation as dreamt by the Father of the Nation.

She also noted that BMA appeared a successful training institute for the officer cadets of Bangladesh Army in providing advanced training and developing capable leadership.

The premier said her government has taken a landmark decision to appoint female officers in the first long-term course in the army in 2000 and to recruit the first female soldiers in 2013 to ensure women’s empowerment and participation in development activities.

She said the Father of the Nation, through his foresight, realized the immense importance and necessity of the well-developed and professional armed forces suitable for an independent-sovereign country.

In this connection, she said Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman inaugurated the Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA) in Cumilla Cantonment in 1974 with the aim of building a trained, strong and efficient army.

Sheikh Hasina said her two brothers Sheikh Kamal and Sheikh Jamal were members of Bangladesh Army, adding that Sheikh Jamal joined the army completing regular training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

The prime minister said her 10 years old youngest brother Sheikh Russel wanted to be an army officer, but his desire isn’t fulfilled as he along with most of his family members were assassinated on August 15 in 1975.

At the outset of the programme, the invaluable and visionary speech delivered by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in Cumilla BMA on January 11, 1975 was aired.

Earlier, on her arrival at the BMA Parade Ground, the prime minister was received by the Chief of Army Staff, the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of Army Training and Doctrine Command (ARTDOC), the Chattogram Area Commander of Bangladesh Army and also GOC of 24th Infantry Division and the BMA Commandant.

The prime minister took salute and reviewed an impressive march-past as the chief guest at the parade ground.

She was accompanied by Chief of Army Staff General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed and BMA Commandant Major General SM Kamrul Hassan while she reviewed the parade riding in an open jeep.

At the function, the passing-out cadets formally took oath.

Battalion Senior Under Officer of the 83rd BMA Long Course Labib Johair Noor Anan received the coveted “Sword of Honour” as the best all-around cadet, while Company Senior Under Officer SM Jahirul Islam Niloy got the “Army Chief Gold Medal” for the best performance in military subjects.

The prime minister handed over the “Sword of Honour” and the “Army Chief Gold Medal” to them for their outstanding performance.

Vote for ‘boat’ to save country: PM Sun, 04 Dec 2022 17:19:04 +0000 Prime Minister and Awami League (AL) President Sheikh Hasina today once again sought vote for her party’s election symbol ‘boat’ to save the country and its people from the fury of the killers and war criminals.

“We want your blessings and cooperation so that the war criminals and killers can’t play ducks and drakes with the fate of Bangladeshi people after coming to power again,” she said.

The Prime Minister was addressing as the chief guest a grand rally of thousands that turned into a human sea at the historical Polo Ground here this afternoon.

“Before leaving, I want a promise from you that you will vote for boat in the next election as you did in the past and give us the scope to serve you. Raise your hand and say you will vote for the boat,” she said.

The Prime Minister said all should be united as the Jamaat-BNP, the political parties of war criminals, killers of Father of the Nation and their patrons still do politics on the soil of Bangladesh and they may come to power again.

At the grand rally organised by the Chattogram city, north and south district units of the AL, Sheikh Hasina also inaugurated 29 development projects and laid foundation stones of six other schemes to ensure overall development of Chattogram and described those as gifts from her government.

After inaugurating and laying foundation stones of the projects, she said, “All these development projects are gifts from mine,” adding that the Awami League is the only government which has carried out tremendous development of the port city.

Sheikh Hasina said BNP doesn’t want the election as its leaders know well that the people of the country will not vote for the killers.

“People will not vote for the killers if the election is held. So, they don’t want an election. They want something which will help them assume power (violating the country’s laws and democratic process) after dislodging the Awami League government and this is the reality. They never bother people’s desires,” she said.

Referring to the killing of innocent people by carrying out arson attacks in the name of movement from 2013-15 in which over 3000 people were injured and 500 others burned to death, she said, “Can anyone having minimum humanity kill people in such a brutal way?”

She added: “The movement of the BNP means killing people. BNP has two virtues – killing of people and rigging vote.”

The BNP never liked the democratic process for changing the government as its founder military dictator Ziaur Rahman captured the state power illegally after violating the country’s constitution and killing hundreds of military officers and soldiers alongside Awami League leaders and workers to secure his stay in power.

His (Zia’s) wife Khaleda Zia also killed thousands of AL leaders and workers and hid their bodies, she said, adding that the BNP had conducted inhuman torture on the AL leaders and supporters after assuming power in 2001 by giving a bond of selling country’s gas.

Under the patronage of the BNP-Jamaat alliance government, Khaleda Zia and Tarique Zia, she said the August 21, 2004 grenade attack was carried out at the anti-terrorism AL rally to kill her and front ranking leaders of her party.

“I was saved by forming a human shield by the AL leaders. Such heinous attacks cannot take place without state patronage,” she said.

The BNP-Jamaat alliance had given nothing to the people rather gave them an insecure life by patronising terrorism and militancy in the country, she said. “So, we have to save the country from the killers and grenade attackers,” she added.

Referring to arranging treatment for the people who received severe burn injuries in the BNP’s arson attack and giving compensation to the owners whose vehicles were damaged in the arson attacks, she said they have done everything to compensate the people.

“They (BNP-Jamaat) have damaged, but we create. They have done harm to the masses, but we work for their welfare. The war criminals and killers are on their side while the pro-liberation forces are on our side. This is the clear distinction between the politics of the Awami League and BNP,” she added.

When she got on the boat-shaped stage after 3pm, the mammoth gathering welcomed the Awami League president roaring with claps and chanting slogans when she got on the boat-shaped stage while she replied by waving hands.

Not only the Polo Ground, but also its surrounding areas such as Tiger Pass, Lalkhan Bazar, Kazir Dewri and New Market areas was full to the brim as the people as well as the AL leaders and activists started assembling the venue with colourful processions from early in the morning to have a glimpse of Sheikh Hasina as she addressed a public gathering after a long time.

The Prime Minister earlier reached Chattogram at 10 in the morning on a day-long visit to join several programmes including the rally as part of her party’s election campaign that started from Jashore to drum up public support in favour of them.

The next public meeting is scheduled to be held at the Sheikh Kamal International Stadium in Cox’s Bazar on December 7.

At the Chattogram rally, Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader, its Presidium Members Engineer Mosharraf Hossain, Agriculture Minister Dr Muhammad Abdur Razzaque, Jahangir Kabir Nanak, Abdur Rahman, and Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya, Bir Bikram, Joint General Secretaries, Mahbub-ul Alam Hanif, Information and Broadcasting Minister, Dr Hasan Mahmud and AFM Bahauddin Nasim and Railways Minister Nurul Islam Sujan, among others, spoke at the rally.

Chattogram City Awami League Acting President Mahtab Uddin Chowdhury presided over the meeting while former Chattogram City Corporation Mayor AJM Nasir Udding moderated it.

Sheikh Hasina said after losing her father, mother and brothers, she had returned to the country risking her life despite knowing that the war criminals and patrons of her father’s killers were roaming freely and they could kill her, with a target to give the people a beautiful and improved life by ensuring food, accommodation, treatment and education.

The Prime Minister sought blessing from the masses to build the country in such a way as it can roam across the globe keeping its head high being a victorious nation in the Liberation War against the Pakistani occupation forces.

She said her government has been working to develop every area across the country to make sure the country’s overall development and Bangladesh has achieved the status of a developing country due to the tireless efforts of her government.

“The country’s overall development has been possible as her government was in power following the democratic process from 2009 till the date and Bangladesh is now becoming a developed country,” she said.

Her government’s target is to transform Bangladesh into a developed and prosperous country by 2041, she said.

She assured all that Bangladesh would never fall in any crisis including the food insufficiency as the country has enough stock of food although many countries including the rich nations have been going through the problem due to the Russia-Ukraine war and the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Prime Minister reiterated her call to all for bringing every inch of their land under cultivation to avoid any food crisis as many international organisations have forecasted that the world is going to suffer from food crisis and famine if the war lingers.

Responding to the rumour over foreign reserve and liquidity in the banks, Sheikh Hasina said there is no problem over those as the current reserve of the foreign currency is 36 billion USD while the liquidity in the banks is good enough.

“So, don’t pay heed to the rumour spread by the BNP and Jamaat clique as they like to mislead the people through spreading the rumour,” she said.

But, she asked for caution from the countrymen over withdrawing money from the banks and keeping it home creating a scope for the thieves to steal.

The Prime Minister assured the countrymen that they will arrange everything for their wellbeing, saying, “But you have to be economical in using electricity, water and gas.”

Streams of people will flock together even outside Polo Ground rally of PM: Hasan Sat, 03 Dec 2022 14:38:04 +0000 Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud today said Chattogran city will witness a human sea with the gathering of eight to ten times more people than expected in the Sunday’s Polo Ground public rally of the Prime Minister.

“Eight to ten times more people will gather than expected outside the Polo Ground after filling up the field. And this will happen in reality as a huge enthusiasm has ignitated among the people of Chattogram,” he said.

The minister told reporters after visiting the place of the public rally of the premier scheduled for Sunday at Polo Ground of the port city along with the leaders of Awami League different units including Chattogram city, South and North.

Expressing his satisfaction over the preparations of the rally Hasan said the Polo Ground is one of the biggest fields in Chattogram. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman held a public rally here while his daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also held rally in the field, he added.

He said those public meetings were filled-up with huge gatherings and, even, people were gathered out of the field. It is expected that about eight to ten times more people will gather outside the field after filling the ground, said Hasan, also Awami League joint general secretary.

The minister said BNP had built a stage leaving one third place of the field behind during their rally a few days ago and half of the field in front was filled.

Replying to a query, he said, “It is our responsibility to appear before the people as we formed the government with the verdict of the countrymen. It is our duty as a party of the commoners to present that where the country was before, where it has gone now, what we have done for the people and where we want to take the country. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will raise those issues before the people.”

He said Awami League is a party of mass people and it works for the welfare of the countrymen. Bangladesh has been raised into a new height in the last 14 years under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, he added.

He said the country left behind India and Pakistan in per capita income.

He said it is expected that the premier will inaugurate many development activities before the public rally in Chattogram.

The minister said Bangladesh is marching ahead indomitably. On the other hand, BNP is the chief patron of anti-liberation forces and militants and ‘we could not hand over the country to them. We will also explain it before the people’, he added.

He said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir yesterday has reiterated that they will hold their rally in Naya Paltan. In fact, their main intention is not rally, but to create chaos and instability in the country, said Hasan.

He said the Suhrawardy Udyan has been allocated for their (BNP) rally as they can hold it smoothly and peacefully. But, they don’t want to go there, he added.

He said the government could not give permission and license to anyone to create anarchy. But, BNP wants to create chaos, he added.

The minister said BNP wants to take the country back as they are chanting the slogan ‘Take Back Bangladesh’. They want the era of Bangla Bhai, Sykh Abdur Rahman and to create ‘Hawa Bhaban’ and ‘Khoab Bhaban’, he added.

AL Chattogram South district unit president Moslem Uddin Ahmed, MP, its general secretary Mafizur Rahman, city unit acting president Mahtab Uddin Chowdhury, its general secretary AJM Nasir Uddin, North district unit president MA Salam, its general nsecretary Sheikh Ataur Rahman and Chattogram Zila Parishad chairman ATM Pearul Islam, among others, were present.

Govt cannot be ousted by issuing threat: Quader Sat, 03 Dec 2022 14:37:06 +0000 Awami League (AL) General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader has said BNP is giving threat to oust the government but their threats will go in vain.

“There will be no benefit by threatening Awami League. Awami League leaders and workers take position at streets, cities, districts, thanas, wards and alleys to remain alert against any conspiracy during the month of victory,” he said.

Quader was addressing the triennial council of Mymensingh district and city units of AL at Circuit House ground here this afternoon.

He said BNP founder military dictator Ziaur Rahman was mastermind of the August 15, 1975 carnage while his son Tarique Rahman masterminded ghastly grenade attacks on AL rally on August 21, 2004.

The AL general secretary said Tarique went abroad during the caretaker government’s tenure, giving a bond that he would “not do politics anymore and took shelter on the bank of Thames River in London”.

Tarique is only shouting from London now, he added.

Mentioning the massive progress of the country, he said AL’s pledge of this term is to build a Smart Bangladesh as the previous pledge of Digital Bangladesh has been implemented.

Earlier, the minister along with other guests inaugurated the council around 11.30am hoisting national and party flags and releasing balloons.

AL Presidium Member and Agriculture Minister Dr Muhammad Abdur Razzaque, Joint General Secretary and Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni, Organising Secretaries Ahmed Hossain and Shafiul Alam Chowdhury Nadel, Cultural Affairs Secretary Asim Kumar Ukil, Central Working Committee Members Marufa Akter Popy and Raymond Areng, State Minister for Housing and Public Works Sharif Ahmed, State Minister for Cultural Affairs KM Khalid, Mymensingh City Corporation Mayor Ekramul Haque Titu, lawmakers Manira Sultana, Fahmi Golandaz Babel, Muslem Uddin and Nazim Uddin Ahmed addressed it, among others.

Mymensingh district unit President Advocate Jahirul Haque Khoka chaired it while City AL President Ehteshamul Alam delivered the welcome address.