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Govt establishing high-tech parks to flourish digital economy: PM

7 July 2022, 12:24:48

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said her government has been establishing high-tech parks across the country mainly to flourish the digital economy with a target of earning 5 billion dollars by 2025.

“We have decided to set up high-tech parks aimed at flourishing the digital economy. Sajeeb Wazed Joy was behind the decision making,” she said while addressing the second meeting of the Bangladesh High-Tech Park Authority board of governors.

She joined the meeting virtually held at the conference room of the ICT Division from her official Ganobhaban residence here.

Comparing the current earnings from digital market with that 13 years back, the Prime Minister said: “The size of the digital market was only 26 million (US) dollars 13 years back and now it stands at 1.4 billion (US) dollars and its export will surpass 5 billion (US) dollars by 2025 while employments will be generated for 30 lakh people.”

To fulfill the target, she said, her government has been establishing ITC infrastructures and preparing skilled manpower alongside creating scopes to flourish the hidden talents of the young generation.

“Our country will march ahead to prosperity if we are able to flourish the hidden talents of the young generation and utilise those accordingly,” she opined.

The Prime Minister said her government is out to pursue making digital devices a major source of the country’s export earnings replacing the readymade garments.

“I think digital devices can be the most exportable items in the future. We’ll have to take different steps and work accordingly to this end,” she added.

The premier said she wants digital devices with the tag of ‘Made in Bangladesh’ to be exported across the globe like the garment products.

The Digital Bangladesh Taskforce meeting was held in 2015, she said, adding that it had given priority to production of digital products to diversify the export items to reduce dependency on single items.

PM’s ICT Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy, State Minister for ICT Division Zunaid Ahmed Palak and PM’s Senior Secretary Md Tofazzel Hossain Miah were present at the Ganobhaban end while Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan and Posts and Telecommunication Division Minister Mustafa Jabbar and other board members of the Bangladesh High-Tech Park were present at the ICT division during the meeting, PMO Press Wing sources said.

Sheikh Hasina said Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had a target of giving the people a better and improved life by building a developed and prosperous country free from hunger and poverty.

To fulfill the target, the Prime Minister said, “We have to cope with the pace of the world. So, the government has taken various measures to educate the people on modern technology, create awareness among them about technology and establish communication to this end at the global level.”

She said her government has made Bangladesh digitised in accordance with the Awami League’s election manifesto of 2008.

“We want our country to march ahead. We have already attached the most importance to technological education and its expansion,” she added.

The premier said her government is constructing 92 high-tech parks, software technology parks and IT Training and Incubator Centres across the country to prepare efficient working forces to face the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution. Of them, the construction works of nine parks have already been completed, she said.

She added that her government has introduced computer education at the school level.

The Prime Minister asked all the members of the board of governance of Bangladesh High-tech Park Authority to focus on building a modern and technology based developed country by 2041.

“We have been taking various timely measures to take Bangladesh towards prosperity, maintaining the status of a developing country. Science and technology can create the scope for us,” she said.

The premier stressed the need for research on science and technology to pursue the move towards becoming a developed country.

She said the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war have slowed the pace of Bangladesh’s economy and other economies of the world, adding that food crisis has been prevailing in many countries around the globe.

Referring to the increasing trend of fuel price globally, she said the developed countries are now facing difficulties to produce electricity, “We have to be economical in using electricity. We are giving special attention so that we can reduce the use of energy and keep the country’s economy rolling by limiting the use of power.”

The Prime Minister said her government has given importance to increasing food production to ensure food security, reiterating her call to the countrymen to bring every inch of land under cultivation.

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