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Injured RU quota reformist Tariqul being brought to Dhaka

8 July 2018, 8:21:00

Tariqul Islam Tareq, joint convener of Rajshahi University unit of Bangladesh General Students’ Rights Protection Council who was brutally beaten up allegedly by BCL men, is being brought to Dhaka on Sunday.

Tariqul’s physician Dr Sayeed Ahmed referred him to National Institute of Traumatology & Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (Nitor), popularly known as Pangu Hospital, for better treatment considering his condition after conducting different tests on Saturday night.

An ambulance carrying Tariqul left here around 10:00 am accompanied by some of his friends.

Dr Sayeed Ahmed said Tariqul’s condition was not improving. “His right leg and waist bones were critically damaged,” he added. 

The victim’s sister Fatema Khatun said that one week has passed, but there was no improvement of his condition.

Earlier on Monday, Tariqul, a master’s student of Islamic Studies department of RU, came under attack allegedly by some BCL activists at the university campus while protesting the earlier attacks on their fellow protesters at Dhaka University campus.

Photo published in different media showed that some people swooped on him and hit him with a hammer causing severe injuries to his head, legs, hands, neck and back, which later sparked huge protest in social media.

The BCL leaders and activists allegedly attacked them with sticks, iron rods and knives as the protesters brought out the procession demanding to publish gazette on quota reform.


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