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Liton Zira received 5 lakh taka check from Prime Minister's Office

After Tamanna Noora, who successfully passed SSC by writing with her feet, this time Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has stood by Litun Jira, a physically challenged person from Jessore who was born without arms and legs. She gave her 5 lakh taka for the education and treatment of Litun Jira. On Sunday, April 3, the Prime Minister handed over a check for financial assistance to Litun Zira from the Prime Minister's Office.

On March 3, Litun Jira wrote a letter expressing his desire to meet Sheikh Hasina. After receiving the letter, the Prime Minister inquired about Litun.

Earlier, seeing the achievements of the physically challenged Tamanna Noora of Monirampur Upazila in Jessore, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her younger sister Sheikh Rehna spoke to her on the phone and assisted her.

On March 28, a letter was sent to Litun Jira's house asking permission to enter the office of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and receiving financial assistance of 5 lakh taka. Golam Rabbani, the leader of Team Positive Bangladesh and former general secretary of Chhatra League, has played a great role in the whole matter.

He said, "Last month, I made a heartfelt request to our beloved leader Desaratna Sheikh Hasina that the indomitable genius Litun Jirao like Tamanna Nura should also find a place under her affection." Responding positively to that call, he has provided financial assistance of taka.

Inshallah, our sister will overcome all obstacles and move forward towards the desired goal. Many good wishes and love for Litun Jira.

Rabbani said, "We have already delivered a small amount of financial aid and food items to Litun Jira's house as a 'gift of love for Desaratna Sheikh Hasina' from Team Positive Bangladesh (TPB)." Litun Jira's father Habibur Rahman is working as a teacher in a non-MPO educational institution.He was the president of Khanpur Union Chhatra League from 1996-2001. After serving as an active member of Monirampur Upazila Chhatra League, Juba League and Awami League, he is currently serving as the General Secretary of Upazila Tanti League.

Litun Zira is the daughter of Habibur Rahman and Jahanara Begum of Sheikhpara Khanpur village in Monirampur upazila of Jessore. Little Litun between two siblings. Her father Habibur Rahman is a lecturer in the political science department of AR Mahila College, a martyred freedom fighter of the upazila.

He has been teaching at the college for 18 years. Litun's mother Jahanara Begum is a housewife. Litun Jira has not had two legs since birth. There are no hands on the elbows. Yet the girl's relentless effort to study. To write, press the pen with the tip of the right hand and hold it in the jaw. By writing in this way, he is studying beyond the boundaries of primary school. This time he will give JSC examination from Gopalpur School and College of the upazila.Earlier, Litun Jira received a scholarship from Khanpur Government Primary School in 2020 with GPA-5.

Litun Jira has not only achieved excellence in studies but also! Besides, he has won the prize at the district level in the essay competition for the second time in a row. Apart from showing his skills in recitation and painting competitions, he is

also reciting songs and poems regularly on Khulna Betar.

Litun Zira is happy to receive financial support from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. "My dream is to become a doctor," she said. My family and I are struggling to fulfill that dream. In that struggle, I have sided with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. We have got a Prime Minister who is very sincere towards the disabled.

Litun Jira's father Habibur Rahman said, Litun is very talented. Enthusiastic since childhood. His keen interest in doing something. With that interest and hard work, he has come a long way today. Her handwriting is beautiful. Can also draw good pictures. Can recite poetry. Can sing She is as good at studying as five or ten other girls. Received scholarship with GPA-5 in PSC. I hope he will keep that continuity. He is preparing for that. The farther he wants to read, the farther I will read him.

In response to a question, Habibur Rahman said that Litun is currently spending a lot. He cannot move on his own. So he always needs a car. He said that he would like to save some money for a car and education for his travels with the money given by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and use it in future.

Mother Jahanara Begum is very happy that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has come forward next to Litun Jira. Recalling some of Litun's struggles, he said, "I cried a lot when I saw Litun after he was born." No decision later, I will not let him be a burden to anyone. From that bet I used to put him in front of the tool as a child. I would leave the writing slate on the tool and give it to the chalk.The girl would write on the slate while holding the chalk in her right jaw with the head of her right hand. Thus he learned to write on his own. In the same way, holding the pen and writing in the notebook, he has crossed the boundaries of primary and now he is secondary. He will give JSC exam this time. His preparation is also good.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is very happy to provide financial assistance to Litun. But the bigger Litun gets, the more we worry about him. Even after studying, he is very worried about his future. What will be his job after finishing his studies! Whether we will get married or not, our foreheads are folded with various thoughts. Even then, we encourage Litun.If you study hard, if you qualify, one day something will happen. Jahanara Begum, who has always been a fuel in the struggle of Litun Jira, said that she now has many dreams about Litun Jira between her two children.

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