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Piyush Sen Benu successfully runing on media

7 September 2021, 12:11:52

Piyush Sen Benu has been working successfully in the media arena for over a decade. He has an active role in various fields including actor, director and producer. Piyush Sen Benu has acted as a central character in more than 100 dramas.

Notable among them are Parvati, Nakful, Sublet Goblet, Adalat, Crime Patrol, Bibaho Osomvob, Somudro Sundor. Piyush Sen Benu first directed the serial ‘Pran Kokila’ in 2014. Besides, Piyush Sen Benu’s production company MK Production is a leading media house in Bangladesh. About 300 dramas have been produced by Piyush Sen Benu so far. He is currently working as a brand ambassador of BD24Live.com besides the media arena.

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