Sanai has become fat, trying to fit

3 January 2021, 2:23:36

Sanai Mahbub is a popular name in virtual world. He has also acted in films. His presence is seen in the video of the song. Corona was attacked in August last year and became the latest news headline. Many months have passed since then. Talking to staff correspondent Ilias Hossain about how she and how she spending your time.

How are you ?

Sanai Mahbub: Alhamdulillah I am fine.

What about the current busyness?

Sanai Mahbub: I gained a lot of weight because of the corona lockdown. At present my meditation-knowledge is just to lose weight. I’m trying to fit in now. I will think of something else after I will get fit.

What is the receipt of 2020? And what are your thoughts about 2021?

Sanai Mahbub: II am fine and Allah has kept it very well, this is a big deal. The year 2020 has shown us that we don’t need more for survive. Staying healthy and surviving is very important. Life has taught me that there is no need for much, there is a need to stay healthy. Everything will happen if we survives.

What about your marriage ?

Sanai Mahbub: It’s not time yet.

Cold is flowing in the country. Have you ever thought or stood by the issue of the duty of everyone to stand by the poor people out of social responsibility?

Sanai Mahbub: My home town is Rangpur. And everyone knows it is very cold in the north. I have been helping the poorest people as much as I can for the last five years. I never brought it up in front of the media. I personally don’t want to let anyone know what the donation is. It is not right to know everyone if I donate anyone. Even after that, one or two places are coming in the media. That on December 1 and 2 in Rangpur, I have helped the people in my area.

A few media outlets have reported that you have announced that you have no objection to being naked for the Playboy cover. How true?

Sanai Mahbub: Nothing like that. These are nothing but human excesses. The biggest question is is it so easy to get on the Playboy cover? Something like this can be said? If it was so easy to go, then why those who came before me could not go? Very easy to say, very difficult to do. I did not say anything like that.

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