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For learning disabilities

Study Buddy is an alternative platform for kids

5 January 2019, 7:13:29

Actually the problem Learning disability and difficulties are neuropsychological disorders in which a person’s brain works differently affecting one or more basic processes and Dyslexia, Autism, Dyscalculia, ADHD are some of the disroders that fall into that category.

Sheikh Inzamam who founder & CEO of Study Buddy. He came out with an alternative learning platform helping kids suffering from learning issues applying interactive approaches.

Sheikh Inzamam said “Neuropsychological disorders creates one of the world’s largest minority, but they continue to be physically and socially marginalized from mainstream society. These disorders impacts not only the individual entity but also society and the economy at large. It often causes difficulties in reading, writing, spelling and organization which affects not only academic success but also self-esteem and social-emotional development among students. They are also seen finding difficulty if left to figure things if taught in conventional ways. Besides, Parenting children with learning disabilities requires a high level of knowledge and access to resources, information and services.”

That’s how Study buddy came in. Its an edutech startup who wants to help the millions of parents and educators of kids with learning disabilities and difficulties through an alternative learning platform “Study Buddy” introducing interactive approaches like Augmented reality, Games & hardware tools to match the unique learning methodologies of these special kids. The startup targets 16.3 million kids suffering from neuropsychological disorders, their parents & educators and started its operation after winning a startup incubation program called ZEITGEIST arranged by German Embassy, GrameenPhone and BetterStories on May 2018.

Their personalized assessments are delivered via an android app ‘study buddy’

According to user research Study buddy found that “Many of these special children are highly interested and motivated by smart devices such as computers and touch screen tablets. These types of assistive technology devices gets them to interact, make choices, respond, and tell parents what they are interested, need, think, and maybe even feel.”

Study Buddy team believes “An alternative platform with assistive learning tools and proper guidance may covers the needs of the vast population under one roof in this manner”.

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