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The Roads�s New Song �Monay Poray�

Renowned rock Band The Roads released their new song �Monay Poray�. The song is written and tuned by the band�s front-man and vocal Aapel Mahmud. The composition of the song is done by the band, as said by the founder member and guitarist Zaki Mahmud. �Like all our other songs, we mainly focus on the melodiousness of the songs�, said Zaki. The song is about long lost love. The extremely melodious piano peace in the intro and the lovely voice of Aapel Mahmud creates an emotional mellow environment.

The Roads has been in the music scene of Bangladesh for last 7 years. In their long musical journey, they faced and dealt with numerous difficult times and situations. But the two passionate and founders musicians of the band, Zaki Mahmud & Aapel Mahmud never lost hope and continued pursuing their dream of making good music. As a result we are getting songs like Monay Poray, Bristy, Akdin and so on. The band�s present lineup � Aapel Mahmud (Voice & Guitar), Zaki Mahmud (Guitar & Band Manager), Blaze Rodrigues (Bass Guitar), Sirajul Munna (Drums & Percussions), Appel Mahmud Labu (Keyboards) makes the band musically more strong and creative.

The song Monay Poray is released in the popular FM Radios stations, ImagineRadio (the music streaming app) and in their facebook fanpage and youtube channel. The listeners can find them & their song at their facebook fan page www.facebook.com/theroadsbandbd.

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