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UK BNP-Jamat-Shibir in panic

7 February 2017, 8:16:31

London Correspondent:The government is in hard line due to the several times dishonor to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's foreign trips.

List of hundreds of BNP leaders and activists in Europe and America has been made in the Prime Minister's Office. Meanwhile, the prime minister's office has ordered to take action against them, sources said.

The news has spread panic among the BNP leaders and activists in UK and European countries.

As part of the security concerns, the new list has been formulated on the basis of the report presented by Special Security Force (SSF) and DGFI.

The name of the leaders and activists of BNP in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Europe have been included in the list. The leaders of Jamat in United States and the United Kingdom are included in the list as per the sources confirmed.

According to the sources, over the past few years opposition leaders and activists have protested abroad during the visit of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. They were taking position to protest in front of her hotel and displayed black flag to her.

But in the last two years of protests reached extremely misbehavior to the premier. BNP-Jamat activists shouted with obscene slogans, as well as threw eggs, water bottles and stones on the car of the Prime Minister. Even the Prime Minister's entourage was hurt more than one time by rotten eggs.

To face of these circumstances, the Prime Minister's Office became concerned in 2015. The gurdian in Bangladesh of few young activists of the BNP-Jamat have been informed this concern by the intelligence agencies. But no results were found. Rather the disorderly behaviour levels were being rose on the name of protest.


Especially, Tulip Siddiquee, her niece, being elected as British Member of Parliament , Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is visiting UK repeatedly. She visited London four times in the last two years.


Due to the existence of BNP senior vice-chairman Tarique

Rahman in London, his followers have been insulting to

the prime minister over the years. The Prime Minister

Sheikh Hasina was disgraced when she entered into the hotel through back gate in her London visit in May this year. That is why, a team of SSF and NSI arrived in London to ensure the security of Prime Minister just one week before of her visit.

After extensive searches multiple hotels was changed and a hotel was selected at Buckinghamshire outside the London. But the leaders and activists of chatradal, jubodal, sheschasebokdal, BNP, Jamat-e-Islami and Shibir gathered there and demonstarted. They hurled eggs to PM cars.

The Prime Minister was very angry for this misbehave. He asked to take action against the people who misbehaved. Few NSI officials were sent back to Bangladesh from London and the Prime Minister went to visit Canada and United States. Furthermore, she faced protests in the US. However, she did not face mistreatment there in or in front of the car.


Meanwhile, the Prime Minister returned home in the last week of September to the end of her tour. On 3 October the intelligence report arrived on her desk. The Prime Minister sat for consultation on Wednesday with the SSF and DGFI and asked to take action.

According to sources, the report contains the name of the BNP senior vice-chairman as the instructor. Hundreds of activists and leaders names have been included in the list. Among them notables are UK BNP president Abdul Malek, general secretary Koysor M Ahmed, central international affairs secretary of BNP Mahidur Rahman, former student leader Nasrullah Khan Junaid, Parvez Mallick, Sharforaj Ahmed Sharfu, Abdul Hamid Khan Haven, the president of Sheschasebok Dal Nasir Ahmed Shahin, president of East London Sheschasebokdal Sohel Ahmed, Abdul Motin, BNP leader Sharifuzzaman Tapan, youth leader Shahjahan Ahmed, Jamaat leader Barrister Abu Bakar Mollah, Nazrul Islam, Mahbub Khansur, SM Mahbubur Rahman, Faridul Islam, Noor-e-Alam, the BNP leaders in United States Sharafat Hossain Babu, Zillur Rahman Zillu, Zakir Hussain, Muhidur Rahman Muhid, Europe BNP leader Babu, Canada BNP president Faisal Ahmed, Human rights activist Syed Baki and writer Abdus Salam.


According to sources, the listed persons have been identified with the consideration of several newspapers news, published video and photos in social media. The agencies finalized the list to give importance of the video collection of Bangladesh High Commission in London.


Meanwhile, the news of the hard line of the government the UK BNP and Jamat activists are being panicked. Quoting about the issues to the UK BNP president MA Malek, he said, ‘we do not worry about it. We will resist in London of any conspiracy of illegal Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's government.’

He expects all the issues will be resolved as soon as the BNP-led government will come in power through a new election.

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