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UK provides over To 5 cr for emergency relief to flood victims

22 June 2022, 9:07:17

The United Kingdom (UK) has released additional emergency funding of £442,548 (over Taka five crore) to the support communities affected by the ongoing floods in Sylhet division.

This emergency funding brings the UK’s contribution to the flood relief effort in recent weeks to £636,548 (over Taka seven crore), said a press release issued by British High Commission here today.

“The new emergency funding we have released today will be used to support the most vulnerable through cash assistance, shelter management, water and sanitation, and educational materials,” said the release quoting acting British High Commissioner to Bangladesh Javed Patel.

“The devastation we have seen from flooding this year in Bangladesh has been heartbreaking,” he added.

The UK’s funding has been allocated through Start Fund Bangladesh and will be administered through Caritas Bangladesh, Christian Aid, Voluntary Association for Rural Development and World Vision Bangladesh, the release added.

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