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We led very miserable life

17 June 2017, 4:10:00

In 1975 when the leader of K force durin war of liberation Khaled Mosharraf was killed, His family led very miserable life.

Khaled Mosharaf’s daughter and member of parliament (reserved seat for women) Mahjabin Khaled disclosed it to bd24live.com in an interview that was taken by Shahadat Hossain Rakib, staff correspondent of bd24llive.


The interview was taken on 16 June.

Here is the interview:

Bd24live.com: How are you?

Mahjabin Khaled: Yes. I am well.

Bd24live.com:  How have you been involved in politics?

Mahjabn Khaled: In fact, I had no any plan to be involved in politics. My uncle Rashed Mosharraf was involved in politics. He was elected MP in Islampur and also Land Minister. After his death, I was involved in politics. My mother never wanted that any member of my family be involved in politics till my uncle is alive. For this reason, I entered into politics after his death.

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