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When a hero becomes refugee

20 September 2017, 6:25:17

Bd24live from Ukhiya Rohinga camps: Millions of Rohingyas have intruded into Bangladesh after being wounded and tortured by Myanmar armies. A portion of Bd24live is working to collect news of Rohingyas in Ukhiya and Teknaf in the district of Cox's Bazaar. A team of bd24live on 18th September were collecting the news of Rohinga refugee camps at Kutu Palong in Ukhiya. It was raining at the moment. Some Rohingyas came forward to help the reporters with umbrellas. One of them is Mohammad Ali(42). He did not seem to be a Rohingya as he spoke Bengali accurately( Generally Rohingyas cannot speak Bengali properly). Musa Ahmed, a reporter of bd24live asked the man,

'what's your name?'

The man said, 'My name is Mohammad Ali.'

Our reporter also asked him if he was Rohingya or not. He said,' Yes,I am Rohingya.' At first he did not want to inform anything about the oppression of Myanmar military. After we trying a lot he agreed to speak something about the situations in Rakhine state. He told bd24live about the oppression upon the rohingya communities: The interview taken by bd24live is as follows:

Bd24live: What's your name?

Mohammad Ali: My name is Mohammad Ali.

Bd24live: what's your occupation?

Mohammad Ali: I'm driver. I had 2 pajero cars in Myanmar.

Bd24live: How can you speak Bengali accurately?

Mohammad Ali: I have learnt this from one of my relatives. Moreover, I had studied upto class nine.

Bd24live: Why have you intruded into Bangladesh and taken shelter as refugee? Mohammad Ali: Myanmar militaries killed millions of Rohingyas in Rakhine state. We have come here in Bangladesh to save our lives. They are killing us like birds and animals. They doused our houses and cottages and killing people randomly as they(Myanmar armies) now have become inhuman beings We are deprived of citizenship in Myanmar.

We are deprived of medical facilities and educational facilities. We cannot marry easily. If we want marry, permission from Myanmar government has to be taken. Otherwise, we are fined. We have to pay as a suspension in case of not taking permission. They behave with us like dogs. Unlike Bangladeshi dogs,we didn't get rights of surviving in the earth.

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