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Zulias Cizar Talukdar: Combating against COVID-19 crisis to meet SDG goals

8 June 2021, 1:50:35

Mahedi Kawser Farazi: COVID-19, undoubtedly, is a major obstacle to community development. The pandemic originated from this contagious virus, and has already devastated the world. During this crisis, people are compelled to survive by any means; wherein security, justice and livelihood have become jeopardized simultaneously.

Zulias Cizar Talukdar, a youth leader, created some platforms during the COVID-19 crisis, ensuring peace, justice and confirming the strength of the institution to raise voice and advocacy. During the COVID-19 situation, Dhaka University students faced many crises and injustice, which did not go with SDG 16th goal.

“Dhaka University Nirapotta Moncha’’ is an initiative by Zulias Cizar Talukdar. This platform has brought a big impact on the students’ life at this university. “Dhaka University Nirapotta Moncha ” swears for the security of the students. It can be sexual abuse, legal issues, violence, medical emergencies, and so on. Within 12 months of its journey, this organization has supported almost 300 students and their families. Dhaka University Nirapotta Moncha responds from its Facebook group posts, page messages and hotline. Anyone can report there and receive help and utmost support. Dhaka University Nirapotta Moncha is committed to keeping the students of this university safe and securing the reputation. This is how they want to keep the country safe and progressive.”

The founder of the organization has founded another organization called “Dhaka University Students’ Forum”. Recently this organization has arranged a charity program. On the occasion of Eid-Ul-Fitr, Dhaka University Students’ Forum launched an event called “Medhabir Hashi”. They have shared Eid joys for 305 DU students who are in financial crisis. They made a list of the sick and distressed applicants and advocated Nabiha Trust, where 63 students received 4000 BDT. The words of the leader, “The University of Dhaka is the heart of Bangladesh. If this university is harmed by any means, it hurts Bangladesh”.

Many students were dependent on part-time jobs. For COVID-19, many of them lost and became helpless. On the other hand, COVID-19 has changed workplaces where organizations require some new skills to hire. Cizar found that there were many skill gaps between the requirements and the reality of the candidates. So, he found the ‘School of Lifelong Learning”. This organisation will develop skills according to the requirements of the job market. Recently, it arranged a ‘Vision Exercise Program’ for entrepreneurs.

In this COVID-19 crisis, Cizar’s actions and initiatives cover the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), a collection of 17 sustainable goals that can secure a better and improved society. SDG has designed these 17 goals according to the needs of society. These goals were introduced to the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 and targeted to achieve the goals within 2030. This has been included in the UN Nations 2030 agenda. In this series of 17 goals, the initiatives of Zulias Cizar Talukdar meet the 16th goal, which is recommendable. The 16th goal represents peace, justice, and strong institutions. Zulias Cizar Talukdar, as a responsible community leader, has given a lot of effort to bring upon peace, justice and security amidst his community. His initiatives such as ‘Dhaka University Nirapotta Moncha’, “Dhaka University Students’ Forum”, “School of Lifelong Learning” etc. are the strong evidence as well as notable examples of how a leader should take initiatives to meet any kind of crisis which might hamper meeting SDG goals.

Cizar promises to develop the model of organizations for the well-being of the students. He was also a very popular elected students’ leader and served as General Secretary of Salimullah Muslim Hall Students’ Union, the oldest and most prestigious students’ body in the history of Bangladesh. Last year, his ‘One Senior for One Junior’ program supported 66 students in critical situations. His other initiatives magically changed the residential life of the students. All of his organizational leadership has roots in his glorious past.

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